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Boost Amazon Sale

Increase Product Sells

Though a decrease in data, we are able to speed up your site significantly. These decreases bounce rates and typically increases visitors as people enjoy sites that load quickly

Customized Strategy

Fully Customized Graphics

We now have the ability to Optimize Graphics Imaging and Reduce the Size of Images 30-3000% while suffering no loss in quality to the image.


Leap Your Competition

Through the use of Social Media win over new customers through the use of custom-made Instagram or Snapchat Filters. We also offer a few offers that make excellent offers for giveaways or for your ambassador customers

FLASH Content To HTML6 + CSS4 + JS7 Conversion

Several years ago, Adobe Systems stopped working on it's Flash Technology, and switched to working on HTML5 (now HTML6) and CSS3 (now CSS4) based products. In 2020, Google Chrome (and other browsers) removed the Flash Player. This means that Flash Presentations, Flash User Interfaces (UI) and FLV (Flash Video) media assets cannot be viewed (used) by your website visitors.

Popular Flash Video (FLV) assets will need to be re-encoded as VP9 (WebM) or VP10 (AV1) video used by YouTube, whose open source video stream decoder is supported by all browsers, and supports the 4K format.

Flash to HTML

E-Learning, Also Known As Remote Learning, Via iTV Sets

Due to the recently affordable iTV Sets (TVs with Multi-Core Linux+Android/HTML5 Computers Inside Them) currently available at Wal-Mart for $99 (32 inch models) to $199 (50 inch models) to $299 (60 inch models) to $499 (70 inch model), it is now extremely affordable for remote employees to own multiple iTV Sets all over their homes.

Content can be sent to all employee 4K displays using a wireless internet connection allowing employees all over the world to be serviced at the same time.

Jeff Bezos

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room

— Jeff Bezos


All designs are completed by hand, and are white labeled, this includes all design work completed for your Company.

Using Latest Technology

Using the last from the AMD team we run Only operate on Open Source Software Technology. Using a process in which we work offline when working on all as much of our client’s needs possible

Digital Art & Website Minification Services:

Never Loose Resolution but Decrease Image Size by 30-1000%

Company Benefits
About Us

Cataliss is Honest, Transparent & Cost Effective

Cataliss is a Multi-National Digital Marketing Agency, which was originally founded as Mountain Marketing Co. and has slowly expanded though the past several years. Initially, Mountain Marketing created WordPress Websites, custom, right down to the bootstrap theme; we were not dissimilar from other agencies in any way. However, we did always complete the given task and had happy clients, it was time to make larger clients happy and continue making "small" businesses happy as well, but there is a small catch.

Today, at Cataliss LLC we have employees from all over the world, with the abilities to speak ten different languages. We are no longer solely a Marketing Agency, but rather An Unrivaled Branding Platform Full – Service Marketing Agency Fully-Customized Websites (no WordPress) & a lot more!

Our values statement is lengthy and was inspired by the American Marketing Association Value Statement; this is a position that puts you the client in the driver's seat but at the same time we are sure to deliver, no matter the cost to us. We believe that not only is the customer always correct, but with time and money absolutely anything is possible.
At current pace, your site it too large, (making it slow) and not ready for the chatbot you need or the Alexa Skill you will want by 2022, well 85% of other businesses will have a skill – should you wait to prepare your entire brand? We want to make the transition smooth and painless for our clients, so their visitors never notice a content gap.
Mission Although, very few are trained in the ability to complete this task – and no we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE WordPress – to automate complex sales campaigns, assist in both product and brand marketing, create original graphics for brands, complete research & launch products, we truly can Do It All!

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